Client Portal

Please do not ask for help without reading all of the following.

First, check the product description to install any product. There may be an explanation about how to activate it. Most of the cases filling any username or purchase code will work.
  • Most of the themes come with the packages. You need to extract/unzip them first. Now, you should see the real file with the (Maybe some plugins too) (if you are getting no style.css found or not valid plugin errors)
  • Some Free – Premium Themes installation requires (Astra, Neve, Kadence, Generatepress …) 1- install the theme by using WordPress Theme Manager 2- install the Pro plugin by using Plugin Manager
  • Most of the Themes require “increasing PHP limits” (We are not providing any technical support, Free or Paid) memory_limit, max_execution_time, max_input_time, post_max_size, upload_max_filesize (We offer to change it back after theme installation is complete, especially long max_execution_time values may cause a heavy load on your hosting/server). Please search on google for documentation of that theme
  • if you are getting some PHP errors with the theme, plugins, scripts Please check your PHP environment. especially the PHP version. Still, there are a lot of plugins/themes that don’t support PHP 8.0 Try to install that plugin/theme in clean WordPress for testing. Because some plugins may have conflict. Try to install different hosting or local hosting (or vice versa)