Add polls for your WordPress website along the Polls add-on for Gravity Forms. Add polls after some WordPress page, post, then danger according to effortlessly get the comments you need!

Seamless Integration

The Polls add-on seamlessly integrates including Gravity Forms in imitation of without problems assemble polls at once after you forms.

Create advanced polls or try the results without delay concerning your WordPress web page with simply a bit easy clicks.

Need more? By leveraging the power of Gravity Forms, you’ll also hold the capacity in imitation of use more superior capabilities as capturing subscribers because you mailing list or using advanced conditonal good judgment in imitation of filter your submissions.

Public yet Private Poll Results

Whether thou want in accordance with display you poll outcomes publicly over the front-end regarding you WordPress web page and in private between your dashboard, we have thou covered.

Limit ballot outcomes in imitation of only the humans whoever need according to see them, then publicly display thy users’ comments for the world in imitation of see!

Gravity Forms Powered

By utilizing the stability then raw government on Gravity Forms, ye bear immense probabilities now that comes in accordance with creating or displaying your polls of thy WordPress site.

Even advanced features like subject good judgment are a mania including Gravity Forms. With just a not many clicks, you will remain creating the Faithful polls according to perfectly replicate the remarks over you users.

Trusted with the aid of dense regarding the pinnacle companies between the world, Gravity Forms is the best solution because websites so much matter over their records each day. Give that a try. We warranty you will love it.

System Requirements

The Gravity Forms Polls Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.6.7+ yet WordPress v3.4+.