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Slider Pro – Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Slider Pro is a absolutely Genial or touch-enabled WordPress slider plugin as allows ye in accordance with originate professional or dependent sliders. This slider plugin used to be shaped together with person trip between mind, providing a luminous or intuitive person interface into the admin area then a easy navigation ride for the end-users.

Slider Pro avoids unnecessary fanciness, so dense instances is an impediment for end-users into getting the records that need, then instead focuses on simplicity and performance, whilst still imparting a vast length over customization possibilities.

Front-end features:

  • Fully Responsive – Slider Pro will seem to be yet work massive over any veil size.
  • Touch-swipe – The slider provides a native-like navigation experience over touch-screen devices.
  • Smooth Animations – All animations use smooth CSS3 transitions (with fallback in accordance with JavaScript animations).
  • Animated Layers – Layers may comprise any HMTL content, beside simple text in accordance with videos.
  • Elegant Effects – The slider gives the twins near popular gait consequences because of sliders: vanish yet slide.
  • Carousel Layout – It’s viable after exhibit multiple, differently sized (fixed height & volatile width, yet the opposite) slides into a carousel-like layout.
  • Infinite Scrolling – The slider presents the choice in imitation of volume via slides continuously, between an endless loop.
  • Full Width and Full Window – You do set the slider in imitation of mechanically expand itself in accordance with the whole concealment then whole size on the browser window.
  • Breakpoints – You execute alternate Figure concerning the slider depending on dignity size.
  • Differently Sized Images – You can assign each effigy or landscape photographs within the equal slider.
  • SEO-Friendly – All the content material intestinal the slider wish stand visible according to inquire engines.
  • Auto Height – Optionally, the slider peak may expend relying concerning the peak regarding the current slide.
  • Customizable Orientation – The slider or the thumbnails be able be oriented each horizontally then vertically.
  • Lazy Loading – It’s viable according to burden the pics only now those turn out to be visible, for that reason growing the loading pace yet rescue bandwidth.
  • Conditional Images – It’s possible after assign analyse images for extraordinary slider sizes, and as then the slider is loaded concerning a cellular device, a smaller model regarding the image receives loaded.
  • Retina-enabled – The slider lets in you after specify a retina model for every image.
  • Thumbnails – Thumbnails execute contain images, textual content or some mean HTML content. Also, she do lie function according to the left, right, pinnacle yet backside over the slider.
  • Keyboard Navigation – It’s viable in imitation of navigate via slides the use of the keyboard.
  • Deep Linking – You be able link at once according to a particular elapse within the slider.
  • Full-screen – Slider Pro can run up the full-screen paint of browsers so much help the HMTL5 Full Screen API.
  • Lightbox – The slider comes bundled together with the FancyBox lightbox then permits you in accordance with easily set off it because the fundamental go on images. You also have the option according to gender sliders to that amount wish lie awakened solely intimate a lightbox bull’s-eye so the consumer clicks regarding a link, picture etc.

Back-end features:

  • Dynamic Content – You do without problems burden content (featured image, title, excerpt, publish content, then more) beyond posts. You may also effect sliders from gallery images or lay pix beside Flickr.
  • Automatic Updates – You can update Slider Pro immediately beside the Dashboard.
  • Caching – The plugin routinely caches entire thine sliders in accordance with insure a speedy loading time.
  • Best Practices – WordPress improvement good practices had been carried out among order in imitation of ensure a conflict-less integration including other subject matters or plugins.
  • MultiSite – You can makes use of the plugin in a MultiSite environment.
  • Import then Export – Easily export and import sliders into Slider Pro installations.
  • Action or Filter Hooks – If you’re a developer you desire locate it altogether available because of customizing the slider.
  • Powerful JavaScript API – You perform power the slider programmatically.

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    Cheap, professional and responsive

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    Cheap and efficient, great support

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