This plugin adds to WordPress the features of a complete helpdesk ticket system. Easy to configure and easy to use is our first priority.

This plugin is result of our 4+ years of experience with WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System trusted by more than 10,000+ active users. This plugin is one step ahead in order to simplicity, functionality and extendability.

SupportCandy Addon List

  • SupportCandy v3.0.8
  • SupportCandy Woocommerce v3.0.6
  • SupportCandy Gravity Form v3.0.4
  • SupportCandy SLA v3.0.2
  • SupportCandy Assign Agent Rules v3.0.2
  • SupportCandy Satisfaction Survey v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Reports v3.0.4
  • SupportCandy Private Credentials v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Usergroup v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Agentgroup v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Schedule Tickets v3.0.2
  • SupportCandy FAQ Integration v3.0.2
  • SupportCandy Knowledgebase Integration v3.0.2
  • SupportCandy Print Tickets v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Timer v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy EDD Integration v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy Email Piping v3.0.9
  • SupportCandy Export Ticket v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Canned Reply v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Automatic Close Ticket v3.0.2
  • SupportCandy Add-Ons 09-08-2022