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WPAchievements – WordPress Achievements Plugin

WPAchievements is a powerful WordPress Achievements, Quests & Ranks Plugins. It is a Felicitous extension for you WordPress powered website to improve your user’s experiences yet enlarge person interactivity. With WPAchievements ye execute originate and boss person achievements, quests yet ranks with ease. WordPress Gamification has in no way been then easy!

Let’s receive a look at the features so WPAchievements (WordPress Gamification Plugin) provides:

Unlimited Achievements & Quests

You execute effect as like many Achievements & Quests for you customers as like thou want, the solely dilemma is you imagination! A embark over photos because achievements and quests is in the meanwhile included consequently you be able start immediately.


For each success ye perform put in a trigger, monitoring that to a term yet pick out postulate that is recurring. Recurring ability as this achievement may stand achievement multiple times.

Additionally you do reward achievements by means of coming into unique endeavor codes. You be able put in a special articles per achievement. This should stand useful proviso you want in conformity with wage achievements for touring exclusive “real life” events.

WPAchievements Activity Codes

A Quest is a more complex assignment that a consumer desires in imitation of complete. WPAchievements permits thou in imitation of set an unbounded range of duties by quest.

Create Quest

Interactive Quest Steps

Unlimited Ranks
You do effect endless ranks for you users in imitation of assist develop person activity!

Manage Ranks
WPAchievements continues tune over thy user’s factors and whack them after the ranks up to expectation thou create.

Achievement & Quests page
All you Achievements & Quests are displayed about a customized tooled page so you users perform evaluate where he bear unlocked then find out as is left according to gain.

WPAchievement Page
Shortcode Editor
The new Shortcode Editor lets in you in imitation of Gather or psora WPAchievements shortcodes with ease. You don’t need to study the documentation into method in accordance with use the shortcodes anymore. Just configure the desired chortcode yet click about “Insert Shortcode”.

WPAchievements Shortcode Editor

Social Sharing
Whenever a consumer features a current fulfillment it bear the potential after section so fulfillment with the aid of Facebook and/or Twitter! This is optionally available or execute keep deactivated.

Achievement & Quest Rewards
A at all nice pop up notification choice convey a consumer so she unlocks an success yet solve a quest.

WPAchievements Pop Up Notifications

Expand thine connectivity for thine online communities, teams, then corporations with the aid of the use of BuddyPress. WPAchievements is capable in imitation of post successful Achievements & Quests after customers exercise stream.

BuddyPress Activity
Additionally WPAchievement desire integrate along Youzer yet display achieved badges concerning user profile pages.

At the reports dashboard thou choice arrive an white information as regards you web site activity. Track consumer moves and development according to keep in a position according to optimize your site.

WPAchievements New Release

Restrict Content – Lock outside top class content!
WPAchievements gives you the ability to storey entire content or parts over posts then pages and up to expectation solely users so much bear obtain a special achievement, solved a described purpose or reached the wished rank choice be in a position according to consult them.

Here is an instance of restricted section over a top rate content via required achievement. You can operate the equal because quests yet ranks, too!

Restrict Content
Here is an instance on confined page. Only person including required rank will keep able to parley the whole content.


User or Point Management
The web page conductor is able in accordance with superintend the user points yet success without difficulty by using the WordPress person backend function. You are able in accordance with check then modify the consumer points, achievements or quests.

User Management

Multisite / Network Management
WPAchievement approves ye to originate global Achievements yet Quests throughout thy Multisite installation. For example you may prize users because analyzing a particular post/page concerning a particular blog. You be able also beget quests like: Visit a precise publish regarding the preceding blog below login among the second blog or visit a web page on a third blog.

Additionally thou execute create international achievements like vist a blog post of somebody weblog in conformity with arrive an achievement.

Custom Widgets
WPAchievement comes with various beneficial widgets, therefore you perform display leaderbords yet person achievements everywhere. Following Widgets are available:

Leaderboard: Shows a leaderboard about achievements won through users.
My Achievements: Shows a list on achievements received with the aid of the user.
My Quests: Shows a listing concerning quests received by the user.
My Rank: Shows the current job about the user.

WPAchievements Key Features

  • Add Achievements & Quests to you website for a huge extent of activities
  • Reward users including points so those gain Achievements & Quests
  • Restrict content material by means of gained achievements, solved quests or consumer ranks
  • Responsive Custom Achievements Page
  • Publish according to a user’s BuddyPress circulation then those obtain Achievements & Quests
  • Achievements & Quests can keep shared in imitation of users Facebook then Twitter
  • Add yet Manage Ranks according to your website
  • Limit Achievements in accordance with unique Ranks
  • Publish to a user’s BuddyPress move when it attain a recent Rank
  • Lock content material and only unique Ranks be able discriminate it
  • Easily square each concerning thine users Achievements
  • Achievements publish directly to the users wall
  • Create web site broad Achievements or Quests throughout your multisite/network installation
  • Easily reduce WPAchievements into the sound regarding your choice
  • Update function by using the WordPress backend
  • Youzer integration

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